Sunday, July 24, 2011

NEW EVENT OPENED TO THE PUBLIC!! August 10th, Bogey's Pub in Torrington

OK, here is your next chance to come see what We The People Of Connecticut  and The Constitution Lobby is all about. And what could be better than doing it old school, like our Founders did.......At the local pub!! We have been invited by Keith Farrell to give our Power Point presentation at Bogey's Pub, 93 Main St in Torrington on Wednesday, August 10th at 8:30pm for the Spirit Of 76 group meetingThis event is opened to the public, so come down and bring your family, friends and neighbors!!

At this meeting you will hear what we are purposing, what we will do as the Constitution Lobby, how we intend to get there and how you can help. You can meet the Incorporators and our Constitutional Attorney, pick our brains and share in some good constitutional conversation!! It should be an excellent time!!

So Let's Pack This Place!!!!

I hope to see YOU there!!
William A. Heering

Today's Event Report- 7-24-2011 in Essex

Firstly We The People Of Connecticut would like to thank George Fox for his incredible hospitality and for an event that went off without a single hiccup!! The luncheon before the presentation was fabulous as was the dessert afterward. We can not thank George enough for inviting us into his home and making us feel welcomed as if we were old and dear friends. We were very honored to be invited into his home.

There were about a dozen people in attendance, all of whom listened to the presentation and asked some excellent questions and had encouraging comments. Each time we do this we are amazed at how enlightened and motivated the people in attendance are, and these are just the kind of people we need to join us! We would like to thank all of those who attended and joined. Together we can get this job done!

If you would like to sponsor an event, please contact us at
We will give the presentation anywhere in Connecticut and for any size group from 10 to 10,000!! We can not do this without your help and support!!

Thanks again to George Fox for a great event, you are a true gentleman, sir!

William A. Heering

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, Time Magazine, The Constitution Does Still Matter.

Okay, so being the masochist that I am, I decided to read the Time Magazine article on the relevance of the U.S. Constitution entitled "Does It Still Matter?" written by Richard Stengel (July 4th 2011 issue). The opening salvo tries to paint the Constitution as a document written by cavemen who could not possibly imagine the events of the current day, the technology, the social issues........the length of a skirt (?). It's funny, when I read the Constitution none of that seems relevant to what our Founders were attempting, which was to create a governmental system that would serve a country perfectly well as long as they adhered to it's basic premises. I am quite certain the length of a woman's skirt was never an least not a constitutional one. Our Founders were devising a structure for a central government and attempting to limit it's powers. That's all.....nothing more, nothing less. How people travel across the country or how fast a weapon of war gets to it's target are irrelevant to the Constitution.

Throughout this piece there is one theme that stuck out for me and that is the continual use of reinterpretation and other forms of constitutional tomfoolery to achieve some political or social end which our Founders never intended and in many cases railed against in their writings of the time. In the end the article came to the conclusion that the Constitution is alive and well and that any debate is healthy....... While I might agree that debate is healthy, I would disagree that the Constitution is alive and well. It might be, for those who would twist it's words to mean anything they wish. It might also be, in this present environment where reinterpretation seems to be an accepted practice. But for those of us who watch time and again as more of the teeth are knocked out of the Constitution, this fighter is in trouble and we need to step in and help.

Reinterpretation is what I call what is being done to the Constitution. My reasoning is this, the Constitution already has a well documented meaning and a thorough explanation. Our Founders left fantastic records of exactly what it was they were trying to accomplish as well as the meaning of specific sections of the document. And yes, even during the drafting there was debate, but agreements were reached and the Constitution was completed, with a particular meaning.......... And I would consider that meaning to be "cast in stone" much Mr. Stengel's dismay.

The vast majority of the article was dedicated to reinterpretations and their justifications as well as the concept that the Constitution is a "living document" that is subject to reinterpretation by virtually anyone who reads it and for whatever purpose the government or any political party chooses and that our Founders actually wanted it this way!! A notion that could not be farther from the wishes of our Founders! Thomas Jefferson's famous quote in a letter to Wilson Carey said this; "When an instrument admits two constructions, the one safe, the other dangerous, the one precise, the other indefinite, I prefer that which is safe and precise. I had rather ask an enlargement of power from the nation, where it found necessary, that to assume it by a construction that would make the powers boundless. Our peculiar security is in possession of a written Constitution. Let us not make it a blank paper by construction." Is that not exactly what reinterpretation does? Of course it is, and that is precisely why some wish to use it. It is in effect a way of amending the Constitution without having to go through the whole difficult and laborious process. Well, the process was made difficult a laborious for a reason!! The Founders did not want the Constitution altered on a whim! In this one quote Jefferson puts to rest Mr. Stengel's notion that our Founders wanted our Constitution to be interpreted, and his false claim that our Founders also wanted a very strong central government.

Some of the mischief that goes on with our Constitution is not just a result of reinterpretation, but some comes from wordsmithing. Take for instance the word "regulate" in the "commerce clause". The definition that seems to fit best by the description in the Federalist Papers is this; "to cause something to occur at predictable intervals or in a regular way.", this definition gives the commerce clause it's intended meaning. Our Founders wanted free trade between States with no taxes, imposts or duties, they did this because they realized all too well the use of the tax code as a weapon. They wanted goods to flow freely from one State to another and from one State through another. This would make trade predictable, it would flow in a regular way. The new meaning (to control) gives the government unbridled authority to control trade between States. Goods that leave one State headed for another now fall under Federal "control" and now even goods that don't leave a State are potentially subject to governmental interference because they too are said to effect commerce! In this one reinterpretation the dangers become crystal clear. Something the Federal government was suppose to make flow regularly and smoothly now does anything but. And it is this incredible federal control that presently impedes what should be a thriving free market economy. This is the very opposite of what was intended by our Founders.

Another way our Constitution is attacked by it's opponents is by simply making stuff up and hoping it sticks. A classic example of "making stuff up" offered up by Mr. Stengel comes from the age old mutilation of the Three Fifths Clause. People with agendas don't just reinterpret this clause, they actually make stuff up. Their arguments simply have no logical origin within the clause itself. He literally claims that our Constitution and our Founders said that "a black person was three-fifths of a human being"......The Three Fifths Clause reads as follows; "Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all others." There is no mention of race and certainly no implication that those who fall under the heading of "all others" are sub-human.......none whatsoever. But if you read it in context it does not fit the narrative which is designed to inflame segments of the population and bias people unfamiliar with this clause against the Constitution. This narrative has created a segment of the population whom now believe the U.S. Constitution to be a racist document. When reality speaks a different message. The three-fifths clause does two things, first it acknowledges that slaves or "all others" are not property by giving them representation in Congress. Secondly, by not giving "all others" full representation it ensures that slave States could not achieve superior representation simply by increasing slave population. This provision in and of itself ensured the end of slavery. Emancipated slave Frederick Douglass came to realize the true meaning of the three-fifths clause by eliminating the wordsmithing and reinterpretation and reading the document as written. He was a huge proponent of reading the Constitution as a stand alone document, reading the words, not interpreting it. This is inevitably how he came to his revelation that the U.S. Constitution was in fact an anti-slavery document.

I agree with Frederick Douglass, the Constitution should be read as a stand alone document, no intent should be necessary. However in defense of the Constitution I will always fall back on intent, not the sometimes ugly debates, but the intent of the document as written. Intent is incredibly important, especially when opponents of the Constitution are doing whatever magic tricks they can to get us be forget the original intent, by redefining words or create new meaning where none exist. The words of our Founders were not meant to be altered by slight of hand, they were meant to be understood in context. It is not a living document that changes with the generations or by anyone who reads it. Of what use is a written Constitution if the words mean whatever anyone wishes them to mean?

As an actual substantive article about the relevance of the Constitution, the piece fell way short. As a way to further the concept of reinterpretation as perhaps a viable and intended use of the Constitution and perpetuate some existing reinterpretations, he may have succeeded. If his motivations were even remotely in doubt this quote from the article should confirm it for you- " We cannot let the Constitution become an obstacle to a future with a sensible health care system, a globalized economy, an evolving sense of civil an political rights." An "obstacle" a politically motivated agenda..... This is exactly how it is seen by some. With magazines like Time printing this hogwash it is my firm belief that we as individuals must combat it by talking to our neighbors, getting educated and getting involved in the defense of the Constitution. It is crucial to our Country's future!!

Now, I could have gone on for many more paragraphs and bored you to tears refuting Mr. Stengel's every assertion, but I chose instead to address the overall theme of constitutional mischief. I would much rather see you spend your remaining free time reading the Constitution, or the Federalist Papers, or the 5000 Year Leap.....or something along those lines instead!! It's just a suggestion!! ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to read this!!
William A. Heering

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Event!!!! Essex on 7-24-2011

Here is another opportunity for anyone who would like, to check out We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. and find out what the Constitution Lobby is and why it is so important!!

George Fox has graciously offered up his home for a luncheon and presentation by We The People Of Connecticut to explain the Constitution Lobby to all who wish to attend. We will be giving our Power Point presentation and having a question and answer segment as well as giving you the ability to speak with members of the Board Of Directors one on one. This event will be located at 30 Kings Lane in Essex. The luncheon will begin at 2pm with the presentation to follow.

We are asking that those wishing to attend this event RSVP by 7-20-2011 to allow for a head count for the luncheon so enough food will be available. Please call Estelle Stevenson at 203-518-0948 or send us an email at to reserve your seat. This is a free event!!

A special thanks to Mr Fox for allowing us into his home for this event!

Please see the comment section for any updates.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Event!! Pomfret/Abington 8-21-2011

For anyone who is interested!!! If you are in the Pomfret area, and want to know what We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. and The Constitution Lobby is, what we stand for, or how you can help us.......then come see what it is all about!!!!!!!

We will be at the Abington Congregational Church in the Abington section of Pomfret on Sunday, August 21 starting at 3pm. The church is located on Rt 97 a quarter mile south of the junction of Rt 97 and Rt 44.

Join us then for a Power Point presentation, question and answer segment and one on one conversation with members of the Board Of Directors!! Bring your family and friends!! This is your chance to learn about this organization and get involved!!!

Thank You to Mary Smutnick for sponsoring this event!!

Please see the comment section for any updates.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What We've Been Up To This Week July 3rd through July 9th

This week has been an amazing week. It started on July 4th with our Nation celebrating it's independence from England. That celebration continued for We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. to July 5th with an informational  presentation for the 9-12 group in Shelton. We would like to thank Linda Garamella-Fusco for inviting us to address this group. There were about 30 people present and the group proved to be a very enthusiastic audience. Estelle and Deborah Stevenson did a fantastic job as presenters, explaining our goals and fielding questions. The questions from the audience and the feedback after the presentation were extremely encouraging. After this presentation we learned that there is the possibility of future opportunities to speak to groups and attend events in this area, which we both appreciate and look forward to.

Please keep in mind, we are always looking for groups to talk to. We will speak to a room of hundreds or we will speak with 10 of your neighbors. We will speak with anyone curious about what we are doing and with a love of the Constitution and the rule of law. We can be contacted at

On Saturday, one member of our Board of Directors, Robin Emond will be in Enfield at their 4th of July Town Celebration on the Town Green (on the corner of North Main St and Enfield St). If you are in the Enfield area and want to check our group out please stop by. Robin will be there Saturday until 3:30pm and information will be available there Sunday as well. Please check us out and consider joining our efforts in whatever capacity you can.

 In future news, We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. will be moving into our headquarters in East Hartford this month. The date and events surrounding this move will be brought to you here.

Thank you for checking out the blog. Now that things are happening, and happening quickly I will be updating more often. This will be the place to go to hear about future events where we will be, future speaking engagements, subjects of interest and the legal cases we are involved in. So keep coming back to find out where we are, what we're doing and to stay informed!!!

Thank you for all your support!!!
William Heering

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st 2011, Connecticut Gets The First Ever Constitution Lobby

Today, July 1st 2011, at a press conference on the north steps of the Capitol Building in Hartford Connecticut at 10am EST, the creation of the first ever in the nation Constitution Lobby was formally announced. The video can be watched at the address below:

Special thanks to Palin Smith for his efforts in recording, editing and posting this video so quickly. The link can also be found in the useful links section of this page.

Connecticut's Constitution Lobby is official.

Estelle Stevenson one of the incorporating Board Members made the formal announcement. She outlined the objectives and basic structure of the organization, including the involvement of volunteer Constitution Monitors in each of the 169 cities and towns in our state. Citizens who will watch their local, state and federal governments. These Monitors then report any suspected violations to the Citizen Vigilance Center which will act to redress any violations.

Estelle also introduced Robin Emond as another incorporating Board Member and the master behind the We The People, Inc. website. Robin has put countless hours into making the website functional and user friendly as well as doing virtually anything else that was asked of her. Therefore a big thank you goes out to her as well.

Finally Estelle introduced Deborah Stevenson who is We The People Of Connecticut, Inc.'s Lead Constitutional Attorney and turned the program over to her. Deborah emphasized the permanent presence of We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. She also reinforced the non-political, non-partisan and non-profit aspects of this organization. She went on to say that this organization has one goal, to defend the Constitution. She explained that this will be done by ensuring that every action, by every official, on every level, comply with the Constitution and the rule of law. And lastly Deborah described the steps that can be taken to redress grievances.

Both Estelle and Deborah outlined the conditions that have brought us to form this organization. We The People must get involved, we must pay attention and we must take a stand.

Thank you to the enthusiastic crowd who showed up for the press conference. We will need your help as well as the help of many of your friends and neighbors to ensure we can accomplish our goals!! 5% is all we need and we are on our way to that goal!! We the People must defend the Constitution because it can not defend it's self!!!!

Congratulations people of CT!!! Finally someone's got your back!!!