Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Week With We The People! 8/6 - 8/14

Wow folks what a week we have had. It is truly exciting to meet people and feel the enthusiasm for the We The People project.

We started just over a week ago on August 6&7 at Blue Trails Range in Wallingford. We were there for two days sharing a booth with another non-political/ non-partisan group Oath Keepers. We would like to thank Oath Keepers for inviting us to join them. The turn out was excellent and the crowd was extremely receptive to our message. We handed out tons of cards and literature as well. The sound of the free exercise of Second Amendment rights in the background was music to our ears!!

We next joined the Spirits Of '76 group at Bogey's Pub in Torrington on August 10th. We would like to thank Keith Farrell, the Founder and President of the group, for providing a forum for our presentation and we would also like to thank all who attended. Those in attendance were well informed and had great questions and comments for us and we thank them for their participation. The Spirits Of '76 is a relatively new group of individuals based in Torrington who's objective is to enhance their community through voluntary service and to foster an environment of hands-on leadership. They are working on a food drive for their local soup kitchen as one of their first initiatives. If you are in the Torrington area and would like to know more or get involved with them check them out on Facebook at or just type in Spirits Of '76 in the search bar on your Facebook page. Their mission is laudable and we wish them much success in this worthwhile endeavor.

Next on Friday August 12 we were at the private home of Nancy Ferguson speaking to a group of invited guests. As we are finding all over this State the people were very enthusiastic and very well informed about the current constitutional issues of the day. The questions and conversation during and after the event were inspiring and motivating. We would like to thank Nancy not only for the invitation to give our presentation, but also for the delicious food!!! The way to a constitutionalist's heart is definitely through his least this constitutionalist!! Thanks Nancy!!!

And finally today Sunday August 14th we were in Essex for a return trip to George Fox's residence where we gave our presentation to a group of well informed and very motivated people. We would like to thank the attendees for their pledges of support and assistance in getting this group future audiences in various other forums. We look forward to working with them to get the word out. Thank you once again to George Fox who opened his home to us and our guests and for providing food for us all. His hospitality, generosity and willingness to help are inspiring!!

So it has been a busy week, but the support and positive reactions to our message is inspiring us to push on even harder than before. We have many new members and many more pledges of support and potential for additional opportunities to give presentations, some of which could prove to be for very large groups!! It was also inspiring to see young people at our presentations, it is a special honor to speak with the youth and teach them about our Constitution. It is hard work, but it is rewarding and inspiring!!

If you can pull a group of 8 to 10 people together (or more) and would like us to speak with them and give our presentation contact us at , we will go anywhere in the State of Connecticut!! We will speak to any group, we are non-political and non-partisan, we are constitutional!!

I look forward to seeing you at the next presentation!!!

Thanks to all who attended this week!! It was a blast!!
William Heering

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

REPOST- Pomfret/Abington 8-21-2011- Opened to the Public

I promised I would repost this event as it got closer, so with less than 2 weeks before the date here it is!!!

For anyone who is interested!!! If you are in the Pomfret area, and want to know what We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. and The Constitution Lobby is, what we stand for, or how you can help us.......then come see what it is all about!!!!!!!

We will be at the Abington Congregational Church in the Abington section of Pomfret on Sunday, August 21 starting at 3pm. The church is located on Rt 97 a quarter mile south of the junction of Rt 97 and Rt 44.

Join us then for a Power Point presentation, question and answer segment and one on one conversation with members of the Board Of Directors!! Bring your family and friends!! This is your chance to learn about this organization and get involved!!!

Thank You to Mary Smutnick for sponsoring this event!!

Please see the comment section for any updates.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Event, Open To The Public!!! Essex, August 14th at 2pm

Once again our good friend George Fox has graciously offered to have another informational luncheon for all who wish to attend. At this event, we will be giving our Power Point presentation as well as answering any and all questions about this organization, our activities and how you can help. If you don't know what the Constitution Lobby is and would like to learn more this is a wonderful opportunity. If you missed Mr. Fox's event the first time it was excellent and I would urge everyone in the area who is interested in learning more or becoming a member of our organization to attend.

The address is 30 Kings Lane in Essex on August 14th. The luncheon will begin at 2pm with the presentation to follow.

Mr. Fox is asking that those wishing to attend make reservations so enough food can be available for all. Reserve your seat by calling Estelle Stevenson at (203) 518-0948 or emailing us at

Don't miss this if your in the area!!! You'll enjoy great food and excellent constitutional conversation as well as Mr. Fox's incredible hospitality!!!!

I look forward to seeing YOU there!!
William A. Heering

Monday, August 1, 2011

NEW EVENT!! Opened to the public!! August 6 & 7 at the Blue Trails Range's Outdoor Sports Fair and Pig Roast in Wallingford!!

The Connecticut Chapter Oath Keepers have invited us to share a table at this event, for which we thank them tremendously!!! We will have representatives there explaining just what it is the Constitution Lobby will be doing, how we will be doing it and how you can assist us. We will have informational flyers and membership forms available as well!!

This event will be held at the Blue Trails Range, 316 North Branford Rd in Wallingford from 9am to 5pm August 6th and 7th!!

So if you don't know who we are yet or what we are doing, we invite you to attend. If we are to succeed we will need your help!! We are defending the Constitution because it can not defend itself!!!!

*** Please note that the Pig Roast is on Sunday the 7th!!

I hope to see YOU there!!!
William A. Heering