Monday, August 1, 2011

NEW EVENT!! Opened to the public!! August 6 & 7 at the Blue Trails Range's Outdoor Sports Fair and Pig Roast in Wallingford!!

The Connecticut Chapter Oath Keepers have invited us to share a table at this event, for which we thank them tremendously!!! We will have representatives there explaining just what it is the Constitution Lobby will be doing, how we will be doing it and how you can assist us. We will have informational flyers and membership forms available as well!!

This event will be held at the Blue Trails Range, 316 North Branford Rd in Wallingford from 9am to 5pm August 6th and 7th!!

So if you don't know who we are yet or what we are doing, we invite you to attend. If we are to succeed we will need your help!! We are defending the Constitution because it can not defend itself!!!!

*** Please note that the Pig Roast is on Sunday the 7th!!

I hope to see YOU there!!!
William A. Heering 

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