Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st 2011, Connecticut Gets The First Ever Constitution Lobby

Today, July 1st 2011, at a press conference on the north steps of the Capitol Building in Hartford Connecticut at 10am EST, the creation of the first ever in the nation Constitution Lobby was formally announced. The video can be watched at the address below:

Special thanks to Palin Smith for his efforts in recording, editing and posting this video so quickly. The link can also be found in the useful links section of this page.

Connecticut's Constitution Lobby is official.

Estelle Stevenson one of the incorporating Board Members made the formal announcement. She outlined the objectives and basic structure of the organization, including the involvement of volunteer Constitution Monitors in each of the 169 cities and towns in our state. Citizens who will watch their local, state and federal governments. These Monitors then report any suspected violations to the Citizen Vigilance Center which will act to redress any violations.

Estelle also introduced Robin Emond as another incorporating Board Member and the master behind the We The People, Inc. website. Robin has put countless hours into making the website functional and user friendly as well as doing virtually anything else that was asked of her. Therefore a big thank you goes out to her as well.

Finally Estelle introduced Deborah Stevenson who is We The People Of Connecticut, Inc.'s Lead Constitutional Attorney and turned the program over to her. Deborah emphasized the permanent presence of We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. She also reinforced the non-political, non-partisan and non-profit aspects of this organization. She went on to say that this organization has one goal, to defend the Constitution. She explained that this will be done by ensuring that every action, by every official, on every level, comply with the Constitution and the rule of law. And lastly Deborah described the steps that can be taken to redress grievances.

Both Estelle and Deborah outlined the conditions that have brought us to form this organization. We The People must get involved, we must pay attention and we must take a stand.

Thank you to the enthusiastic crowd who showed up for the press conference. We will need your help as well as the help of many of your friends and neighbors to ensure we can accomplish our goals!! 5% is all we need and we are on our way to that goal!! We the People must defend the Constitution because it can not defend it's self!!!!

Congratulations people of CT!!! Finally someone's got your back!!!

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