Saturday, July 9, 2011

What We've Been Up To This Week July 3rd through July 9th

This week has been an amazing week. It started on July 4th with our Nation celebrating it's independence from England. That celebration continued for We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. to July 5th with an informational  presentation for the 9-12 group in Shelton. We would like to thank Linda Garamella-Fusco for inviting us to address this group. There were about 30 people present and the group proved to be a very enthusiastic audience. Estelle and Deborah Stevenson did a fantastic job as presenters, explaining our goals and fielding questions. The questions from the audience and the feedback after the presentation were extremely encouraging. After this presentation we learned that there is the possibility of future opportunities to speak to groups and attend events in this area, which we both appreciate and look forward to.

Please keep in mind, we are always looking for groups to talk to. We will speak to a room of hundreds or we will speak with 10 of your neighbors. We will speak with anyone curious about what we are doing and with a love of the Constitution and the rule of law. We can be contacted at

On Saturday, one member of our Board of Directors, Robin Emond will be in Enfield at their 4th of July Town Celebration on the Town Green (on the corner of North Main St and Enfield St). If you are in the Enfield area and want to check our group out please stop by. Robin will be there Saturday until 3:30pm and information will be available there Sunday as well. Please check us out and consider joining our efforts in whatever capacity you can.

 In future news, We The People Of Connecticut, Inc. will be moving into our headquarters in East Hartford this month. The date and events surrounding this move will be brought to you here.

Thank you for checking out the blog. Now that things are happening, and happening quickly I will be updating more often. This will be the place to go to hear about future events where we will be, future speaking engagements, subjects of interest and the legal cases we are involved in. So keep coming back to find out where we are, what we're doing and to stay informed!!!

Thank you for all your support!!!
William Heering


  1. I'm looking forward to the great works of this group. Our Founders would be so proud of you! Bet they're looking down on you from above, with much gratitude!

  2. Thank you Mary!! I'm certain they see all that you have done as well. You have made our Founder believe we can be trusted to protect what they worked so hard to create! You are a true Patriot!!