Sunday, October 23, 2011

November Events

Here are the latest dates for events and presentations around Connecticut.

November 3rd- Power Point Presentation at the Southbury Tea Party meeting
                           Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm
                           Location: Southbury Library, Kingsley Room A, 
                                          100 Poverty Rd. Southbury, CT
                          This event is opened to the public!

November 14th- Power Point Presentation at the Quiet Corner Tea Party
                             Time: 7:00pm
                             Location: Victoria Station Cafe', 91 Main St, Putnam, CT
                            This event is opened to the public!

November 26th- Event at the First Annual Freedom Festival, Sponsored by 
                            the Spirits of '76
                            Time: 12:00pm (Nov 26th) to 2:00am (Nov 27th)
                            Location: Eagles Club, 222 Main St. Torrington, CT
                             Pig Roast Benefit Show

                            BEER-- FOOD-- LIVE MUSIC -- RAFFLES!!
                           All day, all night!
                           Special Guests to be announced!
                           $20 ALL YOU CAN EAT, ALL YOU CAN DRINK
                           Must be 21 yrs or older to attend
                         -Michael White
                         -Dave Quick of SIDEKICK !! (More acts to be announced.....)
                         -Master of Ceremonies Kevin Schmidt
                         -Keith Farrell, President and Founder of Spirits of '76

           Special Guests:
                          We the People of Connecticut, INC. Constitutional Lobby

For more information on this event visit the Face book Event page:

Please come out and see us at any of these events and bring some friends who are into defending the Constitution!!! We look forward to seeing you!!!!

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