Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Victory For The People!!!!

"Victory for the People!!!  Thanks to the efforts of We The People of Connecticut, Inc, Connecticut's Constitution Lobby, the Governor seems to have started to adhere to the Constitution. 

The Constitution Lobby notified the Governor that his Executive Orders 9 and 10 contain provisions which are unconstitutional, and usurped the authority of the Legislature, and asked the Governor to amend or rescind them. When there was no response from the Governor, the Constitution Lobby notified the Legislature that we expect them to hold an inquiry into those Executive Orders.

While we were waiting to hear when the Legislature will hold it's hearing, the Governor issued Executive Order 11, which adheres to his Executive Branch authority. More importantly, the last paragraph of Executive Order 11 states, 'Nothing in this Order shall be deemed to contradict or supercede any statute or Constitutional provisions, and this Order is not intended to suspend, modify or revoke any statutory provisions enacted by the General Assembly."  

So it appears that the Governor knows the people are watching and will hold him accountable to his oath of office to uphold the Constitution.  Congratulations to the people of the state of Connecticut for taking back the power which belongs to them!"

Estelle Stevenson
Chairman- Board of Directors 

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